The Region

Dorffest in Carennac

The region around Carennac is well developed for tourists, yet not overrun. It boasts well-preserved medieval villages, castles, and pilgrimage sites, such as Rocamadour, Collonges-La-Rouge, Turenne, Curemonte and of course Carennac itself.

Padirac Cave, the Caves of Presque, Lacave, etc. are also worthwhile destinations. And excursions to Vézère Gorge with its famous caves at Lascaux and Grand Roc – the site of the discovery of our ancestral Cro-Magnon man – are not to be missed. 

Traditional markets allow you to sample the local produce. Increasingly, there are also evening markets, where you can assemble a pick-nick – and a bottle of wine to go along with it – and then dine at the nearby communal tables. The nearest bakeries and supermarkets are at Vayrac and Betaille.

If you prefer more physical activity, you can ramble, cycle, and canoe directly from the property.