Welcome to Fouché

You‘ll find the traditional stone house only two kilometers away from one of the most beautiful french villages, Carennac amidst a protected landscape and with direct access to the pristine Dordogne. The closest neighbours are the cows of Mr. Poulet.

Street-facing side

The cottage was built around 1960 but several components originate from much older houses of the region, like the doors or the impressive sandstone chimney which hails from Loubressac. Or even the irregular natural stones out of which the floor of the ground floor is constructed and which connects it with the lavish terrace. This individualises the house and gives it a charming atmosphere.

To live in a protected landscape means to face up with sustainability and ecology. The cottage is not connected to public infrastructure besides electricity. The taped water is well-fed and the well correlates with the level of the Dordogne, which means to save water during low water in summer is always a good idea. Sewages is also part of the eco system which means we try to only use biodegradable cleanser.

There is hardly any plastic left in the house, we rather bank on recycling and upcycling when it comes to furniture or household items.

The impressive fire place warms up the cottage during cooler days in spring or autumn. There is no central heating but for the bathroom a fan heater is available.

The plot ranges from the small road which connects Carennac and Floirac to the riverside, from the pasture southeast to a run wild plot northwest. There are big old walnut and fruit trees which provide shade, there are enough lawn furniture for relaxed days and wonderful evenings outside and an old well can be used for barbecue. Firewood can be collected on the small island.

There is direct access to the very clean river and for swimming we recommend the small anabranch due to the fact that the flow speed of the Dordogne here is quite high. On the island itself one can sunbathe, a fact which is also known to canoeists. Fishing needs permission from the office of the mayor.

Unfortunately the region is not well connected to public transport. The next train station is Brive-la-Gaillarde which is approximately 40 km away.