Welcome to Fouché

Situated within a nature reserve, the stone house is two kilometres from the picturesque small town of Carennac on the banks of the Dordogne. Our nearest neighbours are monsieur Poulet’s cows.

Street-facing side

The house was built in the 1960s, but many of its parts, such as the doors and the magnificent fireplace originate from other older buildings, giving it its unique charm. The ground-level floor, made up of irregular stones, and continuing out to the terrace, also contributes to its charm.

Living in a nature reserve brings you face to face with questions of sustainability and ecology. Our electricity comes from the French green energy supplier Urban Solar Energy. Our water comes from an underground well. The water level depends entirely on the level of water in the river, so in the summer months, when the river is at its lowest, we have to be careful to use our supply sparingly. Waste water is filtered using a modern purification system, so it’s essential that we use only biological cleaning products.

We try to avoid plastic and the house and is largely furnished with older pieces. Other household items are recycled or upcycled. 

There is a magnificent fireplace, used to warm the house on the cooler days of spring and autumn. The upstairs is not heated, but there is an electric heater in the bathroom.

The property extends from the small country road linking the towns of Carennac and Floirac down to the riverbank. To the southeast, the property is bounded by pasture land and to the northwest by a patch of overgrown land. In the summer, walnut trees and fruit trees provide ample shade, and there is a stone barbeque, for which you can find firewood on the small gravel islands at any time of the year.

Nearby, you can access the river at a shallow point. The water is clean, and you can swim between the edge of the property and the gravel bank. Here, the river is shallow – a great spot for avoiding the fast-flowing water further out. The gravel bank provides an ideal spot for some sunbathing – a fact well appreciated by canoeists. If you’d like to do some fishing, you can get a permit at the local mairie.

Unfortunately, the area is not well served by public transport. The nearest railway station is at Brive-la-Gaillarde – about 40 km away.

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